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The Compassion Advantage

How top leaders build supercharged organizations through cultures of care.

Andrea Hollingsworth

Andrea Hollingsworth, Ph.D
Global Compassion Expert
Speaker, Researcher, Psychotherapist

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Compassion brings people and organizations back to life.

When leaders are compassionate, individuals and teams FEEL it.

It transforms how they work for the better—even in times of challenge and change.

They go from overwhelmed to productive.

From burned out to highly engaged.

And they find the EXACT support they need to exceed expectations and thrive.

That’s The Compassion Advantage.

Compassion asks us to lead in a different way…

It isn’t just a soft skill, it’s a power skill that leads to happy workers. employee well-being. job satisfaction. higher retention. better work.

With The Compassion Advantage, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

The Business Case for Compassion

In compassionate work environments, people get more done.

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82% of employees say they would leave their role to work for a more empathetic company.1

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76% of workers who feel their manager is compassionate are highly engaged.2

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85% of employees report that caring leadership increases productivity.3

1 Shanahan, 2023

2 Van Bommel, 2020 

3 McWilliams, 2021

About Andrea

Dr. Andrea Hollingsworth is Founder and CEO of Hollingsworth Consulting, author of the bestselling book The Compassion Advantage (2024), and one of today’s leading global experts on compassionate leadership. Since 2008, she has been studying, speaking, and writing about the science and spirituality of human emotions and relationships. Her articles have been published more than a dozen times in peer-reviewed journals, and she has taught at prestigious institutions like Princeton, Boston University, and Loyola University Chicago. In addition, Dr. Andrea has delivered talks to audiences at some of the top-ranked universities in the world—including Cambridge University in England and Heidelberg University in Germany.

Dr. Andrea spends most of her time inspiring leaders and teams to use The Compassion Advantage to build supercharged organizations through cultures of care— especially in times of challenge and change. Andrea lives with her family in Minnesota where she cheers hard at her son’s soccer games and relishes every opportunity to visit the north shore of Lake Superior.

How can Dr. Andrea help you supercharge your organization?

Book a transformational keynote.

Instantly applicable insights about:

  • The transformative power of compassionate leadership
  • How to foster cultures of care
  • The link between employee well-being and organizational success
  • Self-compassion and emotional well-being for leaders

Develop top leaders who build supercharged organizations.

Workshops that support leaders and teams to:

  • Become self-sufficient and accountable
  • Say hard things with heart
  • Improve engagement, retention, and morale
  • Build emotionally healthy workplaces

Support leaders to thrive.

Individual and team leadership coaching to:

  • Promote emotional wellness
  • Mitigate stress, burnout, anxiety, and low confidence
  • Help employees thrive
  • Build resilience

Take the Assessment

The Compassion Advantage Assessment is a powerful leadership tool that helps you see an honest snapshot of how you relate to yourself and others at work.

Dr. Andrea Hollingsworth is a slam-dunk option for anyone looking for a speaker.

She is a superb speaker who has the unique ability to make the complex simple with warmth and empathy. Her sense of humor and ability to relate to an audience are unparalleled.
Chris Carlson
Director of Program Experience, Bunker Labs

Transformed people transform people. What transforms people? Compassionate people transform people.”

- Dr. Andrea Hollingsworth

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