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Dr. Hollingsworth’s expertise, experience, and authentic approach is highly transformative.

Dr. Andrea delivered an outstanding leadership experience that improved collaboration, raised the level of trust, and improved accountability. Leaders and staff felt more understood, valued, respected, cared for, and included.
Dr. Ramón Pastrano
CEO, Third Sphere

How do we build supercharged organizations through cultures of care?

It takes:
Self-compassion, Awareness, Empathy, and Action.

These workshops complement Dr. Andrea’s flagship workshop, empowering participants with the skills they need to support themselves and each other, and remain resilient and productive in times of challenge and change.


Compassionate Leadership

Empower leaders to support the health and wellness of their teams for increased retention, engagement, and morale.

In today’s dynamic work environment, prioritizing cultures of care, support, and belonging has become integral to organizational success. Without compassion, leaders risk losing their best people.

This workshop delivers practical knowledge, tools, and strategies to help participants navigate challenge and change at work—and help those they lead to do the same.

They will discover how compassion is a trainable skill that has the power to transform their leadership approach and expand their capacity to meet people where they are.

This Is For Leaders:

  • Seeking inspiration to build a more human world of work
  • Wanting tools to build resilience in themselves and those they lead
  • Searching for communication strategies to help them say hard things with heart
  • Seeking everyday skills to help them support teams facing stressful scenarios

Participants Will Learn:

  • Tools to manage in a way that enhances the well-being of those they lead
  • Insights into how to build a psychologically safe, emotionally healthy, and relationally intelligent workplace
  • Strategies they can implement to contribute to a thriving, compassionate workplace


Become an advocate for your own well-being at work


Stay connected to ourselves while connecting to others


Tune in to others’ needs while maintaining boundaries


Find practical ways to advocate for others with compassion


Self-Compassion & Personal Resilience

Studies show many leaders struggle with perfectionism and self-criticism—both of which fuel anxiety and chip away at resilience.

In this perception-shifting session, attendees will learn the impact self-compassion has on employee wellness, resilience, performance, and leadership—and discover how to develop their own.

Participants will experience a transformative shift in their ability to:

  • Quiet their inner critic
  • Self-advocate at work
  • Manage their response to change, stressors, or disappointment

They will walk away with strategies for compassionate leadership that strengthen how they cope in times of challenge and change.


Mindful Leadership

What if there was an easier way to clear your mind, reduce stress, and increase your focus?

In this interactive learning experience, Dr. Andrea draws on modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom to show leaders at all levels how to cultivate a powerful sense of inner equilibrium through the practice of mindfulness.

Participants will experience a transformative shift in their ability to:

  • Respond appropriately in difficult situations
  • Stay calm when communicating with others
  • Supercharge their focus

They will walk away with tools to improve their wellness, balance their emotions, and enhance how they communicate.


The Power of Empathy in Leadership & Life

Research shows that empathic leadership leads to increased employee wellness, satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

This transformative workshop will equip participants to level up their listening skills and create the kind of workplace that works for everyone.

Participants will experience a transformative shift in their ability to:

  • Create more connected teams
  • Nurture a sense of belonging
  • Foster psychological safety at work

They will walk away with an understanding of how to care for others at work—without losing themselves in the process.


Hard Things With Heart

Leaders have to say and do hard things—whether they need to provide feedback, relay bad news, navigate team conflict, or make difficult decisions.

This empowering session will provide participants with practical wisdom, inspiring examples, and actionable strategies for doing and saying difficult things in a connected, genuine, and human way.

Participants will experience a transformative shift in their ability to:

  • Say hard things with heart
  • Foster a culture of care and accountability
  • Lead from a more connected, compassionate place

They will walk away with strategies to contribute to cultures of care that empower individuals, inspire teams, and transform organizations.

About Andrea

Dr. Andrea Hollingsworth is a speaker, researcher, and seasoned psychotherapist who has spent decades studying the transformative power of compassionate leadership.

One of today’s leading global experts on compassion, she has written and spoken extensively on the subject since 2008. Her articles on the science and spirituality of human relationships have been published more than a dozen times in peer-reviewed journals. She has taught at prestigious institutions like Princeton, Boston University, and Loyola University Chicago, and delivered talks to audiences at some of the top-ranked universities in the world—including Cambridge University in England and Heidelberg University in Germany.

Andrea spends most of her time helping leaders and teams use The Compassion Advantage to build supercharged organizations through cultures of care—especially in times of challenge and change.

She lives in Maple Grove, Minnesota, with her family where she adores good books, conversations, and coffee.

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